A sensual trip to fantastic worlds – the special musical experience!

The speed of life carried on waves of uncountable emotions. No idea what lies ahead but remembering what was.

Life is a unique journey through evolution and transformation

This is exactly what we experience up close with the fourth LICHTMOND production „The Journey“ by the successful producers Giorgio and Martin Koppehele - more intensely, diversified and excitingly than ever before.

Partly surrealistic, partly realistic we enjoy the different elements of this new symbolic LICHTMOND world, which tells the story of becoming, changing and passing away in a complex, songaccompanied story.

With the main character, the „Live-Giver“, we fly into a beautiful landscape and see the „magic tree“ changing rapidly with the seasons and a year passing in a breathtaking speed.
Plants and objects are brought to life. A pyramid is the symbol for the small in the large – from a small magic object in the hand of the „Life Giver“ up to a huge space ship. Transcendent stairs rise into the sky within an architecture floating in the clouds.

A universe of fantastic sounds

The unique LICHTMOND world of sounds and songs is distincvtive but still always new, giving the visual story dramaturgically perfect extra power, intensity and emotionality. The magical LICHTMOND-triangle of electronic, ethno- and rocksongs, great voices and moving poetry is ever again fascinating.
A special song-highlight this time is the amazing cover version of Robert Miles‘ instrumental classic „CHILDREN“. Giorgio and Martin created a wonderful version with the distinctive voices of LICHTMOND artists Meera Fé and Saskia Philipps. It will be released as a radio single in parallel with the album. Another highlight is the renewed cooperation with the Corsican vocal acrobats I MUVRINI and Karen Kassulat on the song „True Destination“.

Together with their wives Suna (melodies and English lyrics) and Gabi (poems) Giorgio and Martin created many more musical sound pearls with the LICHTMOND artists Meera Fé (vocals on „Children“, “Flowing like a River”, „Secrets of Life“, „Journey to Happiness“, „True Destination” and „Inner World”. Piano, Esraj, Cello and Oergrom on „Journey to Happiness“ and Piano and Hang on “The World”), Saskia Philipps (vocals on “Children” and “Turn back the Time”) and Thomas E. Killinger (poems).

Galactical high tech spheres

Naturally LICHTMOND „The Journey“ provides again some features allowing the producers to push beyond the limits of technical possibilities, in order to have an even more brilliant listening and viewing experience.

Dolby Atmos

„We are very pleased that besides our 2.0, 5.1 and 7.1 mixes the new LICHTMOND „The Journey“ Bluray includes also a discrete DOLBY ATMOS mix. The object-based, three-dimensional ATMOS mix with additional ceiling mounted loudspeakers draw the listener much more intensely and emotionally into our sound world“, say Giorgio and Martin Koppehele. „The LICHTMOND DOLBY ATMOS mixes, which were mixed by Chris Heil at the Munich MSM Studios, offer unknown opportunities especially in the field of music and also a unique, new listening experience.“

4K UHD Blu-ray

„Our 3 disc special edition includes a separate 4K UHD Blu-ray bonus disc. This 4K UHD Blu-ray contains highlights of our previous LICHTMOND productions especially rendered in 4K UHD. We are very happy that the LICHTMOND visual worlds can be enjoyed very intensely in this high UHD resolution with finest details." (UHD encoding by Silicon Philosophies, Miguel Clarke)

The Spanish visual artist-team of Imago-D Studios (Diego M. Bonati and Javier Sáenz-Messía) have surpassed themselves on „The Journey“: Besides a gorgeous, immersive 3D-experience, also enjoyable in 2D, single objects have been created even in 8K-relsolution, leading to an outstanding visual quality.

VR Virtual Reality

In addition the sound - and image pioneers focus already on the future topic Virtual Reality. A Virtual Reality trailer is currently being prepared out of their new planetarium show „Days of Eternity“ (premiere at the beginning of 2017). It will be out in time for the IFA in Berlin (September 2016).

Charts & Awards

  • #1 Music Video Charts in Germany
  • #1 Amazon 3D Music Charts
  • #8 Album Charts in Germany
  • Gold & Platin Awards in Germany
  • International Impala Silver Award
  • Video Champion: best Music Blu-ray + DVD
  • CHINA 3D Excellence Award
  • Full Dome Jena Sound Award
  • „Best Fulldome Music Show 2015“, 2nd price International Fulldome Festival Yaroslavl, RUSSIA

Klassik Radio

The successful show „Classic lounge with LICHTMOND“ (started in 2014) on the largest private radio station „Klassik Radio“ was extended again for a further year. The 2-hour LICHTMOND show is on air every first Friday of a month, as usual.


Since spring 2013 LICHTMOND enchants with her first 360° fulldome show - which was produced in co-production with Planetarium Hamburg - all senses with a fabulous image- and sound quality and is one of the most modern and attractive fulldome-productions worldwide. In Hamburg alone „Universe of Light“ fascinated more than 32.000 visitors. In the spring of 2017 - after extensive renovations - the second LICHTMOND fulldome show „Days of Eternity“ will have its premiere at the occasion of the Planetarium Hamburg’s reopening and thereafter it will travel around worldwide.